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This Is Help When Babies Fall Out of Bed

All parents would worry if the baby fell from the bed. If this happens to your baby, try to calm down and immediately take action first aid before seeing a doctor. Infants who start actively moving often will fall when standing, crawling, walking, playing, or being in bed. This can make the baby bruised, injured, or sprained. Help for your baby The question that often arises in the head of a parent when a baby falls out of bed is how much impact the baby is experiencing, and whether the baby should be taken to the hospital immediately or not. Even though falling out of bed can be dangerous for the baby, parents must stay calm while helping. The following are things you should do if your child falls out of bed: 1. Divert attention and calm your child If after falling there are no cuts or bruises found on his body, try to comfort the little one. Falling from the bed would make him feel scared and shocked. While joking and comforting her, check her head and body again to make sur
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Foods Containing High Calcium Besides Milk

Calcium is a mineral that is needed by the body. The most commonly known source of calcium is milk. Unfortunately, not everyone can or likes to consume milk. But don't worry, there are a variety of calcium-containing foods that you can consume as an alternative. Almost all the calcium in our body is stored in bones and teeth. Only 1 percent is in the blood, muscle cells, and other body tissues. Calcium reserves in the body will continue to decrease with age. The activities that we do, gender, and race also greatly affect the body's calcium reserves. Therefore, make sure your calcium intake is sufficient so that the body's calcium needs are still met. Calcium Food Sources Milk is an excellent source of calcium. But if you don't like milk or have a condition of lactose intolerance, you can eat a variety of foods that contain calcium, including: 1. Sardines Two and a half ounces of sardines contains 286 mg of calcium. If you can, don't set the bones aside beca

12 Snack Ideas That Don't Make You Fat

It's late at night, but the stomach feels rumbling? Or are you in the office hungry and whack, but lunch hour is still long? Want to eat snacks, but are afraid of being fat? Don't panic or get confused, you can outsmart it by making your own snacks. Snacks in between work or late at night can be a hungry booster before the main meal or before bed. But be careful, if you don't choose the ingredients wisely, a snack can backfire on your diet. Healthy snack ideas that are practical and easy to make Now it's time to take the smart step of choosing and preparing your own snacks. In addition to not fattening, the following snacks can be a source of nutrition for the body: Nuts Various types of beans, such as almonds, peanuts, and cashews, are rich in protein and fiber, and can be a snack that is easily carried everywhere. Edamame and young soybeans can also be a refreshing choice. One cup of edamame contains 17 grams of protein and 180 calories, as well as iro